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John Tesh Relentless

Unleashing a Life of Purpose Grit and Faith

"John has inspired me to be more relentless in my own life - this book is a must-read for anyone and everyone." - Teri Ann Schlesser

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Relentless Life

Beloved entertainer, admired media personality, popular radio and television host: John Tesh has achieved more in life than he ever dreamed possible. But the road to success has been anything but easy—and those challenges became the secret to his success.

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In this engrossing memoir, Tesh describes how the obstacles that shaped him—including growing up in an abusive home, being expelled from college, and living homeless in a park—set the stage for his remarkable life. From composing the now-iconic theme song for NBC Sports basketball on his own answering machine to leaving his decade-long role as co-host for Entertainment Tonight to follow his dream of becoming a professional musician, Tesh maintained a single-minded focus in pursuit of his goals. Despite opposition, he funded and created Public Television’s most successful special ever, “John Tesh: Live at Red Rocks,” which ultimately catapulted him to fame and opened the door for his popular radio show, Intelligence for Your Life, which still airs on over three hundred stations worldwide. In 2015, he fought and defeated a terminal cancer diagnosis and when a new cancer diagnosis emerged in 2018, he turned his tenacity into relentless faith and a healing victory.   
Combining never-before-told stories and wisdom gleaned from various mentors with selected “life-hacks” derived from cutting-edge research, Relentless is an astonishing story of how failure can become opportunity and how faith can lead to triumph.

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“Mastery is hard work. It is thousands of hours of practice. There are no shortcuts. You must believe that whatever challenges you face right now, on the other side of pain is greatness. Mastery over your fate, over your life, over a disease you never anticipated and that you cannot control, requires not just hustle and grit and perseverance, it demands purpose and faith. It requires a why and a how.”

John Tesh

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